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The illustrated books "MATRIARCHINNEN / MATRIARCHS" take you into the fascinating world of matriarchal societies. Powerful, self-confident women and their families take centre stage here. Photographer Maria Haas has captured the beauty and charisma of these matriarchs with great sensitivity. Her pictures present a world full of joie de vivre and community. Immerse yourself in these non-hierarchical living environments, where women and men meet as equals. The numerous images, combined with explanatory texts and quotes, are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also convey life models that would be very beneficial to our world. Be inspired by their beauty and wisdom and discover this fascinating world of matriarchal societies through the lens of Maria Haas.

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Matriarchale Kulturen Bildbände Maria Haas

ORF Interview

The interview provides insights into the artistic work of Maria Haas, who specialises in portraying societies in which women and the common good are at the centre - the matriarchy. Maria Haas is passionately dedicated to photographing impressive women in various communities they have shaped around the world. Let yourself be inspired by her inspiring perspective and learn more about the values and structures of matriarchal societies.

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"My passion is to immerse myself in foreign worlds, especially in matriarchal societies. It is important to me to show women in their dignity and to portray their unique personalities. For me, photography is more than just technology - it is a passionate bridge to personal stories and the hearts of extraordinary people."

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