Die Q´eros

A people with strong connection to nature

The Q’eros, an indigenous community in Peru, are known for their deeply rooted traditions and close connection to nature. With an estimated population of about 3,000 people, the Q’eros reside in the remote highlands of Peru.

Primarily situated in the regions surrounding the foothills of the Ausangate Massif, their livelihood largely depends on agriculture and animal husbandry. This community sustains itself through the yields of their fields, the raising of alpacas and llamas, and the trade of traditional handmade products.

Their intimate bond with nature is evident in their spiritual practices. The Q’eros revere nature spirits and regard mountains, lakes, and animals as sacred. Their faith is deeply rooted in Andean culture, and they perform rituals to maintain harmony with nature.

The spirituality of the Q’eros is based on their concept of “Pachamama” (Mother Earth) and the “Apus” (Mountain Spirits). They believe in the power of mountain peaks and dedicate special ceremonies to these sacred sites. These spiritual practices are an integral part of their daily lives.

The Q’eros also uphold a rich tradition of oral storytelling, passed down through generations via songs and dances. Their vibrant attire not only reflects their cultural identity but also narrates stories of their history and spirituality.

In recent years, the Q’eros have experienced increasing influences from the modern world while still preserving their unique identity. This community remains a fascinating group characterized by their deep connection to nature, spirituality, and rich cultural heritage.

Pascuala, Peru, 2023
Felipa, Peru, 2023
Felipa infant of her house, Peru, 2023
Worship of Panchamama, Peru, 2023
Panchamama ritual, Peru, 2023
Offerings for Panchamama, Peru, 2023
Eulogio prays, Peru, 2023
Coca leaves, Peru, 2023
Raul, Peru, 2023
Milton, Peru, 2023
Victoria, Peru, 2023
Primitiva, Peru, 2023
Weaving, Peru, 2023
Martina weaves, Peru, 2023
Alpaca, Peru, 2023
Pascuala, Peru, 2023
Victoria, Peru, 2023
Rosa and Dany, Peru 2023
Juliana spins, Peru, 2023
Hands from Juliana, Peru, 2023
Stone houses of the Q'ero, Peru, 2023
Alpaca, Peru, 2023
108-year-old Juliana, Peru, 2023
Primitiva with baby, Peru, 2023
Juliana, Peru, 2023